About Nick's Furniture Service

    Nick's Furniture Service was started on June 23, 1998. The company specializes in repairing, restoring, and refinishing antique furniture. The business services also encompass upholstery, chair caning, custom finishing, kitchen cabinet refinishing, in-house touch-ups, and architectural finishing.

    Nick was trained under Enrico Liberti, a premier reproductionist and antique restorationist, who did work for the White House and The Smithsonian Institution, among others. Mr. Liberti was born in Italy, where he apprenticed as a cabinetmaker. He later moved to Stuttgart, Germany. Mr. Liberti moved to Philadelphia in 1912. While living in Philadelphia, he worked for the Radio Corporation of America, building phonograph cabinets, some of which were of Hepplewhite designs. During WWI, he worked for the Remington Arms Co. In 1920, he moved to Baltimore and was employed by Knabe Piano Company, while also doing restorations and reproductions in a home workshop. In 1939, he built reproductions and restored pieces of the original furniture in the old Senate Chamber in Annapolis. Nick was one of the lucky few who were able to train under Mr. Liberti. He started as a woodturner at the age of 17 working for The Chimney Corner Antique Shop in Baltimore under Mr. Liberti who was then owner. He has made historically accurate reproductions and taught refinishing, repair, and restoration by Mr. Liberti.

    In the 30 years that he has enjoyed this type of work, Nick has also run a furniture factory, managed a company specializing in refinishing and reupholstering, done cost analysis, and run production lines. His skills include wood turning and wood bending, both rare skills in today's marketplace. During his stint with a top interior design business in Washington D.C., he completed work for notables such as the Rockefellers, Heckingers, The Watergate Hotel, the Senate Chamber, White House, and the Pentagon.

    Nick's has grown to service everyone from antique dealers to homeowners and currently have a client list that includes antique shops, historical societies, museums, hotels, motels, restaurants and various insurance companies.

    Nick's Furniture Service promotes expert craftsmanship, quality workmanship, and professional, knowledgeable service.

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